BOSS Electrical Panels

BOSS Electrical Panels are the next generation panel design in terms of safety, maintenance, and cost effectiveness. The innovative design of these custom panels is the mounting of the breakers on the back pan of the enclosure, different from the conventional door-mounting, all the while maintaining a NEMA 4 weatherproof rating with externally mounted switches. This eliminates the possibility of being exposed to live wires when the panel door is open. It also eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of mounting breakers individually on the door, as well as the wear and tear on the hardware.


BOSS Electrical Panel Features

Unlike other door- mounted switches, the BOSS switches do not shift position when the door is open, ensuring the panel door opens and closes easily. The custom build options include: 120/208 - 480 - 600 voltages, size of the enclosure, number of breakers, and an almost unlimited number of options on panel or extension box mounted receptacles (Arktite,Powertite in 30/60/100 amps, or BOSS 96s).

BOSS Electrical Panels are housed in the high-quality Hammond 1418N4 series enclosures. In our standard panels, Square D bolt-on QOB (120/208) or Cutler Hammer (600V) molded case (FD style) breakers are used for their reliability.

The BOSS buying power ensures you are paying the most competitive price possible. The BOSS shop also builds a lot of panels. This means it is done right, and cost- effectively. CEC and NEC approvals are granted to these panels to assure that they meet the standards wherever they might be shipped.


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OSS Panels Hardware

Still need the flexibility of a door-mounted breaker? Need an add-on extension box to mount receptacles for easy access? Got holes prepped you won't be using yet? Then the BOSS Panel Hardware can solve all of your problems. The BOSS C-200 series allows you to mount molded case (FD series) or unit mount (QOU series) breakers and maintain a NEMA 4 rating. Clearly marked ON/OFF eliminates any confusion in field service, and a lockout tab keeps everyone safe. And isn't that what it's all about?

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BOSS 600V Panels

This model of the BOSS Electrical Panel is rated up to 600V. So for all of your power management needs, in 480V or 600V, this is the panel for you. And with standard sizes ranging between 18 to 48 circuits (6-16 switches), and a host of options for panel or extension box mounted receptacles, this panel can be customized to suit almost any application.

Talk to a sales representative about your specific needs and we will build you a BOSS Electrical Panel to meet them.

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BOSS 120/208V Panels

This model of the BOSS Electrical Panel is rated for 120/208V. In typical rig configurations, this panel is perfect for managing power for lighting and general duty outlets and equipment. It is the perfect solution for any setting that requires a NEMA 4 panel. Customize this with BOSS 96, Powertite or Arktite receptacles, with or without an extension box, and you've got an incredibly convenient and flexible set up to suit any application.

C/W BOSS -2012EXT - Optional

  • 20" wide x 12" face x 6" deep [line dimensions]
  • Mounting tabs match panel tabs
    (14-9/16" center-to center mounting tabs)
  • Gasket cover c/w bolts
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