BOSS Receptacles, Plugs, and Cord Ends

When you need power in tough weather or harsh climates, then the BOSS line of wiring devices is for you. BOSS receptacles, plugs, and cord ends stand up to all of the abuse. Cast aluminum bodies, caps, and rings combined with durable rubber boots and gaskets make this line both durable and reliable.

BOSS 80 (Male Plug)

BOSS 80 (Male Plug)

  • Cast open ring holds rubber boot and threads securely
    to BOSS 96 receptacle or BOSS 86 cord end.
  • High Quality rubber boot ensures water-tite seal.
BOSS 86 (Female Cord End)

BOSS 86 (Female Cord End)

  • Cast aluminum cap keeps out the elements and debris when not in use.
  • Same amperage/voltage interior (connector body) options as in BOSS 96.
  • The threaded bushing on the BOSS 86 female cord end accepts ring of BOSS 80 or the BOSS dust cap and chain to keep out the elements and debris when not in use.
BOSS 96 Receptacle

BOSS 96 Receptacle

  • Designed to fit any manufacturer’s FS-style boxes
  • Cast aluminum cap keeps out water, snow, ice, and debris when not in use.
  • Durable chain keeps cap from disappearing while receptacle is in use.
  • Available in different amperage/voltage options to suit your applications.
  • 96PT comes with pigtails pre-wired for quick installation.

Replacement Parts

BOSS-80COR cast open ring BOSS-80BO rubber boot 5258CH BOSS -96 Interior only (5-15R)
BOSS-86COR cast open ring BOSS-96DC cap and chain 5858-PS BOSS -96-2 Interior only (6-20R)
BOSS-86BU bushing BOSS-96NG plate gasket 5358-PS BOSS -96-3 Interior only (5-15R)
    BOSS-CG cap gasket