BOSS 600V Panels

This model of the BOSS Electrical Panel is rated up to 600V. So for all of your power management needs, in 480V or 600V, this is the panel for you. And with standard sizes ranging between 18 to 48 circuits (6-16 switches), and a host of options for panel or extension box mounted receptacles, this panel can be customized to suit almost any application.

Talk to a sales representative about your specific needs and we will build you a BOSS Electrical Panel to meet them.

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600V Panel Sizes and Rating

Enclosure Size
Number # of
3K 3W
Interruption Rating @ 600V Breaker Size Receptacles Extension Box
24X20X6 E6 6 100A 14KA 14KA 14KA 15-255A 0 - 6 EXT
30X20X6 F6 8 250A 15-255A 0 - 8
40X20X6 SE0803877 12 250A 15-255A 0 - 12 NO
48X20X6 SE0803876 15 250A 15-255A 0 - 16
CUSTOM # # # # #
**Interiors are typically 18, 24, 30, or 42 circuits. One breaker is alotted for each 3-circuit spacing to align with door-mounted switches. One switch/breaker for every 3 circuits.