BOSS 120/208V Panels

This model of the BOSS Electrical Panel is rated for 120/208V. In typical rig configurations, this panel is perfect for managing power for lighting and general duty outlets and equipment. It is the perfect solution for any setting that requires a NEMA 4 panel. Customize this with BOSS 96, Powertite or Arktite receptacles, with or without an extension box, and you've got an incredibly convenient and flexible set up to suit any application.

C/W BOSS -2012EXT - Optional

  • 20" wide x 12" face x 6" deep [line dimensions]
  • Mounting tabs match panel tabs
    (14-9/16" center-to center mounting tabs)
  • Gasket cover c/w bolts

BOSS 120/208V Panels Sizes and Rating

Enclosure Size
Number # of
3K 3W
QOB 240V
Breaker Size Receptacles Extension Box
24X20X6 D6 6 or 8 100A 10KA 15-100A 0 - 8 EXT
30X20X6 E6 10 100A 10KA 15-100A 0 - 10
40X20X6 F6 14 225A 10KA 15-100A 0 - 14 NO
CUSTOM # # # # # #
**Interiors are typically 18, 24, 30, or 42 circuits. One breaker is alotted for each 3-circuit spacing to align with door-mounted switches. One switch/breaker for every 3 circuits.